TAKS Handling Systems creates internal logistic solutions for fruit growers. Modular in setup, extendable if desired and always designed with reduction of labour costs and increase of efficiency in mind. These innovative systems can even handle delicate fruits like strawberries or raspberries and are known for their long service life and extremely low downtime. In addition, TAKS has developed practical and comprehensive systems for palletising and packing, so fruits can be handled from harvest to truck.

Palletising is one of TAKS Handling Systems’ specialisms. They produce high quality palletisers for internal transport and for palletising boxes and crates in every possible size. The innovative techniques for their systems are developed by in-house engineers, using only the best SEW motors, OMRON PLC units and other high-quality components. The modular palletising systems can be adapted to all specific circumstances and individual user requirements. Pallet dispensers, pallet traverse shuttles, roller conveyors, strapping machines and pallet wrapping machines are just a few options.

Packaging and packing
With a well-designed packing line, products will be packed fast and in a correct manner. This does not only save a significant amount of labour and reduce the margin of error, but all TAKS Handling Systems packing modules are designed with high processing speed as a starting point. TAKS produces different types of modular packing lines: from simple devices to extensive modules. TAKS Handling Systems’ packaging tables fit in perfectly with a comprehensive solution that connects packing machines, checkweighers and data registration in individual tables for track and trace software and/or warehouse management software (WMS).

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