TAKS Handling Systems has been operating in this market since 1988 and is a household name among horticulturists around the world. By now, many hundreds of greenhouse growers use their systems for processing their harvest. TAKS’ innovative processing systems are renowned for their long service life and extremely low downtime: a great example of typical Dutch engineering. They have practical modular solutions for the various types of processing of greenhouse vegetables like tomatoes on the vine, cucumbers and bell peppers.

Tomatoes on the vine
The processing of tomatoes on the vine needs to be done extremely gently. TAKS’ modular processing lines reduce costs of labour and improve efficiency, while handling the delicate fruits with great care. They can easily be adapted to meet specific demands and the possibilities are endless: automated (roller) conveyors, checkweighers, packing stations, flow wrapping machines and palletisers are just a few options to choose from.

For processing the harvest of cucumbers, TAKS Handling Systems has developed two modular systems that can easily be adjusted to any specific situation. The cucumbers are processed fully automatic. The systems include (de)stackers for crates, tippers, conveyor belts and a sorting machine with a special buffering mechanism. Combining different modules will result in maximum harvest speed and considerable savings on costs of labour.

Bell peppers
Bell peppers are delicate and need to be handled with great care. TAKS Handling Systems has developed two different modular systems exclusively for the harvesting and processing of bell peppers. Both solutions use an integrated automatic tipper that will carefully and gradually empty containers with bell peppers, to prevent them from damaging. Bell pepper growers can choose between a compact handling line or a more extensive solution with data registration software.

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