The iSii compact is Hoogendoorn’s control system for irrigation and climate management. Due to its modular structure, you can adapt the system to the specific needs of your cultivation. You can choose either irrigation controls, climate controls or both.

Managing greenhouse climate

Climate controls in the iSii compact work together to balance all climate factors. After all, it is important to have an uniform greenhouse temperature with constant humidity. The climate software in the iSii compact helps you to achieve the ideal greenhouse temperature and humidity. With the software, you can control your screens, vents, recirculation fans, heating and Pan and fan cooling.

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Optimal irrigation strategy

The iSii compact is a smart irrigation system that controls the irrigation in your greenhouse or outdoor cultivation. The set-up is easy. Based on the plant’s needs, you select the appropriate starting moment and the amount of watering required. You can adjust this according to time or the amount of sunshine. Furthermore, this irrigation system is a step towards an efficient irrigation strategy with higher cultivation yield. In short, the iSii compact controls irrigation for you and saves you time.

If the measurements surpass the desired climate or irrigation values with a set deviation, an alarm is triggered. The alarm output can be used to activate a siren and / or dial out the system. The alarm text can also be sent to your smart phone when using the Pushover notification App.

Benefits of iSii compact

  • Long-term investment for an affordable price
  • Remote control via PC, tablet or smart phone
  • All measurements visible in graphs for 7 days
  • Complies with the latest technology
  • Modular structure
  • Compatible with future upgrades to the next generation iSii
  • Suitable for all types of cultivation
  • User-friendly interface

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