The next generation iSii is Hoogendoorn’s latest process computer to manage your greenhouse. It is the utmost process computer to optimize your climate, irrigation, energy and data management. It  has been developed to save you time and money while providing you with new insights to maintain food safety and increase food security.

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    Utmost flexible

    With intelligent graphical set points (ViPs) you can fine-tune your own strategy, using any parameter you desire. You can select up to nine influences for each setting, making iSii the most flexible system available.

    Alarm noticifation

    The iSii has been extended with an Alarm app which will send you detailed alarm notifications e.g. in case of deviant greenhouse temperatures. This way you can respond quickly from any device with an internet connection, at any location.

    Anticipating on weather forecast

    iSii can be expanded with an integrated weather forecast from MeteoGroup, which is available for all countries via a subscription. This module is called Meteoscope. With Meteoscope, iSii anticipates on the local weather forecast automatically. For example, the artificial lighting can be switched of earlier if a sunny day is expected.  With Meteoscope, you will be able to comprehensively think ahead with regard to expected weather changes. This prevents unpleasant situations that need to be corrected.

    Future proof

    The system’s modular software structure enables you to tailor it exactly to the specific circumstances at your site. The modular structure also ensures iSii is a future proof investment. If new departments are added to your company in the future, your existing iSii can easily be expanded.

    Datapoint I/O modules for measurements and actuations improve reliability and save costs, as only one cable is needed in the greenhouse. You can add extra datapoints or other standard industrial components at any time, which makes the hardware future-proof.

    Benefits of the iSii

    • User-friendly interface
    • Available in 13 languages
    • Remote control via PC, tablet or smart phone
    • Intelligent controls
    • Modular structure
    • Self-learning system
    • Calculated values automatically stored for a period of two years
    • Personalized floor plan
    • Future proof
    • Complies with the latest technology
    • Suitable for all types of cultivation

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