Work-IT is Hoogendoorn’s wireless (or wired), real-time path and labor registration system. It helps you to have a better insight in labor processes, production figures, stock management, pest and disease control and more. With this registration system, you have access to live information at any time and at any location in your greenhouse.

Insight in business operation

Work-IT visualizes all the current data regarding personnel performance, cultivation, production costs  and harvest activities. Besides, it is possible to monitor pests and diseases. The analyses provides you with insight into your current business operation and offer support to your strategic short and long-term planning.

Efficient deployment of personnel

The Work-IT analyses show you the locations where you can deploy fewer personnel and which employee performs a given cultivation activity the quickest. This allows you to save up to 15% on your labor costs by being able to deploy your personnel more efficiently. Work-IT also makes it possible to enter data about diseases and plagues, such as the location or the nature of the infestation. With this, your crop can be protected more effectively.



Easy data entry

Data is registered by manual or non-contact entry (NFC). Employees simply start working in their row by scanning the tag in front of that row with their smartphone. The data is sent directly to your computer, giving you real-time data from the greenhouse.  Data such as row number, employee number and cultivation activity are registered effortless.  To make fewer input errors, the Work-IT software is available in different languages.

The Work-IT software is easy to use thanks to its straightforward  software. All registered data can be viewed in clearly displayed graphs, tables or floor plans and can be exported to different type of files. Being modular, the software can be completely aligned to your wishes and business circumstances.

Benefits of Work-IT

  • Flexible, simple, convenient and accurate
  • Real-time communication
  • User friendly interface
  • Insight into labor, production and food safety
  • Floor plan as the basis for a good overview
  • Available in different languages

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