Hoogendoorn offers a broad range of inside and outside sensors, which are an essential component of every process control system. For example, Hoogendoorn’s greenhouse sensors enable you to determine the proper moment for irrigation based on the measured amount of grow light (PAR) and the humidity of the soil. The outside sensors provide real-time information on weather conditions, such as radiation, temperature, wind, rain, etc. With insights into climatological conditions, crop evaporation and soil conditions, irrigation and greenhouse climate can be aligned more closely with the crop’s needs. This results in improved production and quality, with efficent use of water, fertilizer and energy.


The Hoogendoorn Aquabalance is a scale for substrate with intelligent software that helps you optimize irrigation according to your crop’s needs.

Aqua Balance

With accurate sensors, Aquabalance constantly determines the saturation weight of the substrate and the quantity of drain water. These values are compared with the target values you desire. The starting moment and frequency of the irrigation cycles are then automatically adjusted to this. The result is optimal growth, a healthy development of the root system and a minimum use of water and fertilizers.

  • PAR sensor
  • Pyrgeo sensor
  • Aspirator box
  • Weather mast
  • Solari sensor
  • Snow / rain intensity sensor
  • Plant temperature camera
  • Drain scale HGM balance
  • Aquabalance

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